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Vinomis Laboratories Vindure 900 Covid Study Summary of Results

Dear Valued Vinomis Customer,

We have the preliminary data from the Vindure 900 research survey in which we asked,

"What Effect Does Vindure 900 Have on an Individual's Likelihood of

Contracting Covid 19?"

The Findings suggest that our customers should “Keep taking their Vindure 900!”

When Vindure 900 was taken during the time of all strains of Covid 19

these were the findings:

● 82% of our customers DID NOT GET COVID 19.

● 18% of our customers DID GET COVID 19. The participants that contracted COVID 19

described only mild symptoms and did not require hospitalization.

● .02% of our customers were hospitalized and described having long Covid

Compare this data to National and CDC DATA:

● 56% of the US Population DID NOT GET COVID 19.

● 44% of the US Population DID GET COVID 19. The incidence varied depending on age and source. 2 % of the population that has contracted Covid has died.

● 19% of the population that had Covid Report having Long Covid symptoms.

To order or reorder:

Phone Orders Welcome: 412-721-0484

Cheers to your Health and Longevity!

Vinomis Laboratories

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